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Biodiversity under pressure

Rice paddies and smoking brick kilns were scenes in the rural landscapes we drove through in the rain on the way to Andasibe to see some of the unique animals that live in Madagascar.

These creatures are under threat from deforestation and the slash and burn subsistence needs of the local people.  There are pockets where care is being taken to maintain or restore forests as habitat for lemurs, sifakas, chameleons and a huge variety of amazing birds and insects.  These habitats are unfortunately few and far between.

Today it was amazing to see chameleons and lemurs for the first time.  They weren’t what you’d call in the wild but rather living in a managed environment outside the national park.  Tomorrow we will go inside the park and seek out lemurs in their natural environment.

This is a bamboo lemur.  How could we possibly allow these creatures to be at risk of extinction?

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